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Letter: Aren’t there better uses for this money?

How can the city of Concord spend $10 million on the Main Street project – slightly over half of which will eventually fall on the back of taxpayers for what amounts to nothing more then aesthetics?

Add another $200,000 for a public relations firm to keep everyone informed of the progress of the project and that’s an almost $11 million makeover for downtown. Am I the only one who thinks this money could be better spent on infrastructure, repair or other more useful, needed expenditures.

How far might the $7 million go if we turned down the government’s portion (thus alleviating at least a tiny bit of the wasteful spending in Washington?) Could Sewalls Falls bridge be repaired or rebuilt? Could the downtown parking lot be repaired? Can Concord finally find and agree on an accessible and more appropriate building for the library? Can sidewalks or city streets be replaced or repaired where necessary?

As a longtime Concord taxpayer, I believe it is getting more and more difficult to justify increasing property taxes. We are already going to see an increase due to the three new schools built for a decreasing student population. Now this? What’s next for Concord, I wonder?



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I'd say many thousand folks agree with you. The people ramming the downtown project through have blinders on.

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