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Letter: GMO? OMG!

Do you suffer from allergies and health problems? According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the consumption of genetically engineered food, such as corn, sugar, canola oil, soy, vegetables and fruits, can cause serious risks to human and animal health. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have been part of the American diet for the past 20 years. GMOs may be associated with your health issues, but how would you know if your food is not labeled for GMOs?

About four years ago, I changed my diet. I eat more organics and less processed food. I feel more energized, and my headaches are almost gone. As a consumer I want a choice and prefer to eat GMO-free, because my body stays healthier. I find grocery shopping a challenge, since food products are not labeled whether or not they contain GMOs. As a New Hampshire citizen, I deserve the right to know what’s in my food, a basic right that the people in 64 other countries already enjoy but has been denied to Americans for the past 20 years.

This is why I support HB 660, New Hampshire’s labeling law. Find more info at



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When I was a kid there were hardly any of us that had food allergies. Now there are a ton. Is there a connection? One would have to ignore reality to think otherwise.

You got that right HD. I also believe that there is a connection in regards to many of the problems kids are being coded for like ADD, depression etc. Watch a kid who eats a lot of junk. They get hyper, and then like clockwork they get depressed. They get up and then crash. The US has an obesity problem, more and more antibiotic over use that causes the immune system to get lazy, and a whole range of relying on pills to fix everything, as opposed to diet, activity and being outdoors more. The drug companies are getting rich and we are destroying our health.

And, remember when our cleaning products used to have labels stating chemicals therein?? Lobbyists for the chemical industries convincec (bought) legislators that labeling was too confusing to the public !! So laws removed such labeling; I fell so much better informed and safer (not !!).

We must be careful with GMOs. There are successes like Golden Rice which is Rice modified to have plentiful Vitamin A. This Rice prevents multitudes of childhood blindness cases due to malnutrition. I have changed my diet, too. Lost some weight, too. No more salt. No more frozen dinners with oodles of sodium. Never used sugar anyway. Much much less caffeine, too. Wish we had laws for better labeling. We should have a choice as consumers. And corn syrup is a pervasive little devil that actually messes with brain chemistry.

Thank you for reading my post, I should also mention that NH state has a HB 660 pending with a hearing on Aug. 13th NH Right to Know GMO, on the said website you will find various petitions, we do also printout, in fact you can print our your own and start collecting signatures. We need them by Aug. 10th, we'll have a family friendly GMO Awareness Rally in Concord that day, find us also on FB, thank you for your Support. Simona (btw Veverka means in Czech squirrel :) )

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