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Letter: Zimmerman was working for the good of his community

Why was George Zimmerman even out there? He was doing neighborhood watch. Why do communities ask for or form neighborhood watch groups? Is it because they have peace and safety in their neighborhoods, or are people and property being hurt despite the efforts of the police?

I bet George Zimmerman would have been happy to see the police be so effective that he could stay home at night. He was doing a community service like volunteer fireman, volunteer policeman and EMTs. Would you be willing to do neighborhood watch? Would you be willing to put down your book or turn off your TV, get out of your chair and go out into the dark and rain – to sacrifice your comfort for the good of others in your community – so they could feel more safe? I’m willing to bet considerable money that anyone reading this would not be willing to make that level of personal sacrifice and commitment for the good of others in their community. Some would say, “Yes, I would,” but when it came to actually doing it – how many?

Oh yes, many of our readers are willing to second-guess and armchair quarterback somebody else doing a community service that they would not dirty their hands to do. But stop and think: Why he was out there and where the world would be without people like him?



Legacy Comments3

"where the world would be without people like him?" He called the police reporting a suspicious person even though he never saw the person do anything to cause alarm. Once he did that he did not stay in his car as instructed, he decided to challenge the person. For those two reason I would say the world would be a better place without a bunch of GZ's protecting the streets. Careful Mr. Bloomquist, one of those GZ's might see your child walking down the street.

George Zimmerman was working to fill an empty space in his psyche, and happened into neighborhood watch as his fulfillment. More's the pity his compulsion wasn't related to suspicious plants in the community. Nobody would have been killed had he been prowling yards, pulling weeds.

Yeah. So its okay to persue someone relentlessly and thus cause a violent encounter to occur. Its perfectly okay for a citizen to assume another has committed a crime, or to assume the presence of another person is somehow suspicious, even without any evidence of a crime. Thats for sure the sort of nutcase GZ is. Shoot first, ask questions later. Voluteer policeman? Where do those exist? As for volunteer EMS providers and firefighters, they don't go around assuming everyone needs an ambulance or that every house is about to burst in to flames. They are a lot smarter than that.

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