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Letter: ‘Stand Your Ground’ opponents are wrong

The opponents of New Hampshire’s “Stand Your Ground” law said that if we had such a law, it would be abused and crime casualties would increase because irresponsible gun owners would take it as a license to kill. Well, guess what? Stand Your Ground has been the law, and it has not been abused even once.

State Rep. Steve Shurtleff of Penacook and others of his ilk should stop cloaking their anti-Second Amendment sentiments and admit that they do not like citizens carrying guns. To that end, they will make every attempt to make it difficult or uncomfortable for law-abiding citizens to legally have or carry a defensive weapon. Massachusetts seems a better place for them and their ideas; I suggest they would be happier living there.



Legacy Comments3

We had a neighborhood watch here in my neighborhood about 15 years ago. Our homes were broken into during the day when folks were at work. At that time we were getting phone calls, and then hang ups, so the robbers could get an idea of our routines. I felt safer with the folks here taking turns walking around. Once the neighborhood watch was in effect, the breakins stopped. Folks were told to not give any signs they were not home, like leaving trash cans out etc, many got alarms. The neighborhood GZ lived in was an area with breakins. GZ was tried in the media long before the trial started. They even tried to convince folks he was white. Coined the new phrase White Hispanic. The jury heard the evidence and decided. The fact that folks can look at the evidence and still believe that GZ was guilty amazes me.

In other words, no black teenagers have been shot by an overzealous night watchman in the 21 months since this law has been in place in NH. Well by joe, PROOF this law is a rousing success! Incidentally, what was the problem this law was "solving," again..?

Change,, Why do communities request neighborhood watch groups? Because they have an excess of safety? Why do men & women like Geo Zim sacrifice their comfort and time to help their communities? is it because the police have been too effective at preventing harm & theft? Why did citizens request and legislators pass SYG? Was it because there was policeman between every violent criminal and the citizens? becuase the soc/left must suckle big gov't for all safety/defense needs - they are TOTALLY dependent on the Geo Zim's of this world. Would your world be better if criminals continue to have more leverage in the criminal justice arena?

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