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Letter: Lose the demagoguery

While the news cycle has shifted from the government scandals to the Martin/Zimmerman trial and then to the birth of a new prince in Britain, those scandals are still there and are of far greater importance than the temporary distractions taking the spotlight.

The Zimmerman case did, however, relate to them because it became apparent early on how members of this administration practice the politics of division. They attempt to divide the nation by race, class, gender and any wedge issue they can find or invent. We are more divided now then any time I can remember since the 1960s. Progressives keep saying we need to have national conversations about this issue or that but, when a subject is brought up, such as race relations, progressives are not willing to engage in anything other then blaming whites, the banks or Wall Street for the problems of the black communities. Why? Are they so afraid of not being politically correct enough that they refuse to even acknowledge many of the problems that plague minorities?

The worst of these plagues is the narrative that whites are to blame for every ill that befalls blacks. There is a denial among progressives, for instance, to recognize that 90 percent of the murders of blacks is by blacks, yet they allow people like Al Sharpton to define the issue as he did with the Duke lacrosse team and most recently the Martin/Zimmerman case. As long as progressives follow this path, nothing will improve or change. Encouraging political pressure groups can only lead to greater division.

We need to reject the Sharptons of the world and recognize that no problem is one-sided. So, by all means, let’s have a national conversation but without the demagoguery, please.



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