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Letter: Northern Pass is everyone’s problem

Northeast Utilities, along with Hydro Quebec, is proposing to run a corridor of electrical towers through the White Mountain National Forest. The term Northern Pass was actually coined by Hydro Quebec officials as a way to lead us, at least here in southern New Hampshire, to believe that this is not really our problem. Their line is: This will be an economic boon for New Hampshire.

The truth is: A direct current is being proposed to be sent from Canada through what could become our Steel Lattice Tower National Forest to Franklin, where it would then be converted into an alternate current, and then sent on, via Deerfield, to the New England power grid where we could then buy back a portion of that power.

The highly trained workforce needed to complete this project would be secured through existing out-of-state contracts.

The towers themselves represent a technology that is nearly 100 years old. There will be a noticeable and constant hum if this gift goes on line. Property values to those cities and towns along the towers’ path will go down, and the presence of these giant, high shock value towers will decimate our tourism industry.

Clearly, this problem is not simply a northern issue, it’s a New Hampshire issue. We all have a stake in what happens if the Northern Pass goes through.

Talk, become aware and call state officials. They need to hear our outrage so they will know where we stand.



Legacy Comments1

Thanks Paul for your analysis of this rattlesnake project. If Northern Pass ever became a reality, it would tear our beautiful state apart, physically and socially. Speak out!

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