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Letter: Report on Northern Pass film was a failure

Re “Northern Pass film one-sided, sells out theater” (Annmarie Timmins, Monitor front page, July 26):

It is not the responsibility of an artist to report the news. In fact, this weighty charge falls squarely on the shoulders of people like Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins; she has failed.

I have viewed the Northern Tresspass documentary (no quotations necessary) and it does, most certainly, do its job. It documents. It documents the exorbitant toll Hydro-Quebec’s project will extract upon the people of New Hampshire and what that company has already done to the people in Quebec. It documents the gross impact these towers will have on New Hampshire’s beautiful forests and rivers, and the damage Hydro-Quebec has already done to rivers in Quebec. It documents the voices and concerns, fears and frustrations of New Hampshire citizens – of human beings whose livelihoods and security are threatened because a foreign country has decided there is something better to be done with their homes.

Not only do filmmakers Jan Marvel and Michelle Vaughn document these stories, but they augment them with facts from university professors and scientists. This is not a flimsy, opinion-based piece; it is a cogent, scientifically supported, logical argument, sustained by a large group of Americans against a Canadian mega-corporation. Think David-and-Goliath. How fortunate that we have these two artists, willing to lend their support to the fight. They are artists – they can take a side. Reporters are supposed to report the news. To that end, Timmins’s “article” was an epic failure. To maintain the integrity of this newspaper, I am asking you to print a retraction.



Legacy Comments1

I agree wholeheartedly with Laurel. The article made a mockery of this publication.

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