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Letter: Evidence of climate change is all around us

I may have only lived in New Hampshire for 19 years, but I don’t think severe weather used to be such a regular occurrence!

I was a volunteer during Concord Market Days and, like many others, my tent was mangled from the microburst of 85 mph winds that swept down Main Street last Friday night. Just a few weeks ago we had severe flooding in Lebanon, and who can forget the devastating tornadoes New Hampshire has experienced in the past few years? If this severe weather isn’t an indication of the effects of climate change, I don’t know what is! Are we going to wait any longer, for any more instances of severe weather to have even more damaging effects throughout the Granite State? I urge everyone to give their politicians a call, and let them know that climate change is happening now, and legislation to stop its continuance needs to be passed! A great first step would be supporting the Obama administration’s climate plan to reduce carbon emissions, especially from existing coal-fired power plants like the two we have in New Hampshire.



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Lauren...anecdotes like yours do not work well to convince legislators of the need for steps to stop CO2 generation. Mostly, they listen to lobbyists for coal/petroleum money. However, your desire to push them to do something is well founded: the eleven hottest years on record have happened since 1998. I would suggest that what needs to be pushed is: stopping all coal-fired power plants-convert them to natural gas (with half the CO2 emissions as coal). Push wind and solar generation. Also, push for modular nuclear power plants-they would supply power at night and when there is no wind. We need a mis of all these, even including hydropower, if we are to survive.

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