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Letter: Republican pallbearers

Republican insiders such as Karl Rove are once again lining up to help support President Obama’s agenda, while ignoring the voices of the grassroots.

Principled Republicans are building up steam among other like-minded congressional Republicans to stop funding for Obamacare. This should be easy because since Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was elected there has not been a budget. The Republican House and real Senate Republicans can stop Obamacare dead. More than 50 percent of citizens don’t want Obamacare. Even the IRS that is supposed to enforce it wants a waiver.

Rove’s Crossroads group commissioned a poll designed to manipulate the results. The poll asked whether voters want the GOP to block “health care reform.” Well, no one wants to block “health care reform.” That’s not the right question. This is another establishment Republican move to preside over an orderly destruction of the GOP.

Rove’s look-alike “good ol’ boys” in New Hampshire are furiously looking for a Senate candidate who will lead the eulogy after the next election. We can’t afford this. We have to stop Rove’s Republican pallbearers and nominate strong, principled and, most important, trustworthy, grassroots leaders.



Legacy Comments2

The AFA will survive or die on its own merits. For folks who had no clue what was in it, except for the carrots the President talked about, the reality of it is coming to light. There are some good things in the ACA. Trouble is there are a lot more bad things in it that will be huge problems. The Rep party has been taken over by those who have not figured out that most folks are centralists. If you go too far no matter what party you are in with pushing an agenda that is radical, you will accomplish nothing. Folks are tired of both parties. I know I am. They repeat the same crap, fight amongst themselves, and pretty much ignore what we need to get this country moving again. They all need to be tossed, and we need campaign reform so we can get some candidates that work for the people, not the lobbyists. Till that happens, we will continue to go downhill.

I'm having a hard time understanding this letter. First, since when has Karl Rove ever supported President Obama? Second, what does Jeanne Shaheen have to do with defunding Obamacare? Third, who are REAL Republicans? I assume the writer means the most conservative wing of the party. Fourth, why is Rove trying to destroy the Republican party? Was it not Republican icon Ronald Reagan who said "The person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and an ally; not a 20% traitor"? I would argue that it is the Tea Party and right-wing of the Republican party that is trying to destroy the GOP by refusing to compromise and govern. Besides, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay no matter how many times John Boehner votes to repeal it. Some Republicans finally realize this and are starting to use another tactic: they are trying to deny federal funding at the state level to educate the public about how the exchanges and system works and how to sign up for it. They are hoping the program will die "in the cradle" so-to-speak.

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