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Letter: Blatant, one-sided attack on Northern Pass film

Re “Northern Pass film one-sided, sells out theater” (Monitor front page, July 26):

On Friday I read an opinion piece thinly veiled as a news article on the recent showing of the documentary Northern Trespass, which played to a sellout crowd at the Red River Theatres in Concord last Wednesday. I viewed this documentary in Plymouth and think it is an excellent overview of the Northern Pass Transmission project. I was flabbergasted at the reporter’s biased reporting against the film.

Her attack against the film was so blatant and one-sided I am amazed she is considered a reporter and not a spokeswoman for PSNH or Northeast Utilities. I have never in my life seen a news article written in such a format as this one was – claim vs. truth (PSNH’s truth, that is). Two days earlier there was another article by the same reporter who fell all over herself when interviewing Gary Long of PSNH/Northern Pass (“Northern Pass official optimistic,” Monitor front page, July 24). In that article she doesn’t follow the claim vs. truth format, she just quotes him verbatim. She didn’t call the thousands of Northern Pass opponents to seek their side of the story like she did for PSNH spokesman Martin Murray when writing about the documentary.

Despite mainstream media’s best efforts, the truth is coming out about the Northern Pass. More and more people are waking up to the facts of this unnecessary, destructive project which, if allowed, will destroy the scenic beauty of our state as well as the health and welfare of its people. The Northern Trespass documentary will be playing again in Concord, Plymouth, Bethlehem and Colebrook. Do yourself a favor and get the facts for yourself. Don’t rely on the Concord Monitor or PSNH to tell you the truth.



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