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Letter: Hydro-power beats coal

Those who are so vehemently opposed to the Northern Pass because of what the power lines will do to the scenic natural beauty of New Hampshire should take some time to study the health effects that the burning of fossil fuels have on our citizens.

In the past, many residents who live in the vicinity of the Bow power plant have had to remove accumulations of ash and soot from their homes. This is only the visible effect of the fossil-fuel power plant. What we do not see are the health problems of the people who live in the vicinity of the power plant. These health problems are well-documented by studies conducted by state and federal agencies.

Most of us who have lived near the Bow plant for several years are aware of the severe health problems that our families and neighbors have faced. Most are directly or indirectly caused by the burning of the millions of tons of coal that have been delivered to this plant. The new scrubber appears to have reduced the ash and soot that covered our homes – but they do not do much to stop the pollution in the air that we breathe.

Hydro-power plants use water power to generate electricity. I would prefer to see power lines bringing clean electricity from Canada to our state, rather than see the continued health problems that affect our citizens by the burning of fossil fuels.

We are fortunate that PSNH is willing to invest the millions of dollars necessary to bring hydro-generated electricity to our state while protecting the health of our citizens.



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this is not about power, it is about politics. As Mr. Mailloux correctly stated below, this will do little for NH electricity rates. My bill is $100 per month, this might and I say might, save me $11 per month......whoopeeee ding! This is like pinching pennies and wasting dollars (as in paying thousands more in tax dollars and worrying about $11 per month). How foolish can people be??

This is a national economic security issue and Americans need to support this and Keystone pipeline

Unfortunately, psnh of CT has no plans to stop burning coal in NH - even if they are permitted to trash our state with the proposed no. pass project. No. pass would displace some of NH's local renewable power and their associated jobs but the coal burning would continue. No. pass is not the lesser of two evils - It's just another evil. Just bury it by the highway already and stop burning coal in NH. Since psnh of CT is so enamored with burning coal, they should just build a coal fired power plant in southwest CT where they need the power instead of trashing our state and forcing private property owners to subsidize the proposed project.

Not to be critical but I understand we, NH get no electricity from this project, we, NH are but a conduit to get the power to Connecticut. PSNH is not spending money to bring electricity to our state, they, PSNH are leasing the rights-of-way to Quebec power in order that they can transport the electricity down the line to the real users. I could be wrong! Ken Mailloux

A major misunderstanding you have is the power is not coming to our state, but "through" our state. PSNH's concern is not our health, but lining their and their shareholders pockets.

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