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Letter: Slanderous

It has come to my attention that the Concord Police Department has justified its application for a Lenco BearCat based in part by the “real terrorism threat” posed by such groups as Sovereign Citizens, the Free State Project and Occupy New Hampshire. Might I suggest a new motto for the police: “We want a military assault vehicle, and we don’t care whom we have to slander to get one.”

Mark my words: One of these vehicles will be used to slaughter innocents one day.



Legacy Comments2

Well, now we know the Concord PD wants a really cool "Bearcat". It wants this heavy duty machine to fight the "terrorists", AKA patriotic Americans who want respect for the Constitution and limited Government, like me! The CPD mindset is just profiling in a different way. Will you be profiled if you have bumper stickers that the CPD doesn't like? Be politically correct, no ticket but be a patriot then what?

I am old enough to remember Tiananmen Square and the footage of tanks rolling over peacefully sitting and standing students. I can understand such armor in cities where rioting is a problem. Somehow, Concord just doesn't seem like that kind of city.

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