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Letter: Insulting

Several emotions raced through my mind when I read that the Concord Police Department had applied for a BearCat: shock, insult, anger. The application states, “The threat is real and here. Groups such as . . . Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges.”

I happen to be a Free Stater. You would never know that if you saw me at the grocery store or the Starbucks on Loudon Road. I’m an ordinary New Hampshire resident. I pay my property taxes. I’m nonviolent. I post silly cat pictures on Facebook.

Only one thing differentiates me as a Free Stater: my belief that I don’t need government to tell me how to live, as long as I’m not hurting anyone or taking their stuff.

Tanks are for killing and intimidating people. No Free State Project participant has ever committed an act of violence against any government official, anywhere, or encouraged anyone else to do so. In fact, inciting violence is a reason to get banned from the Free State Project. So why the tank?

One emotion that didn’t race through my brain: fear. I’m not afraid, or intimidated. And demonizing a small group of people for their ideological beliefs is ugly. And, last I looked, illegal.



Legacy Comments14

I don't care that you are offended Sandy because frankly, I'm insulted that the Free Staters came here to take over our local government in the first place! It is an unwelcome invasion and an intrusion to the rest of us. But you Free Staters don't care about the rest of us just as long as you can move forward with your "agenda". So sad.

Well said MyTurn2...

Perhaps it's time for some of you to read the news of the area and state from a paper other than the ultra liberal Monitor. {The sports section is the exception}. If you bother to look deeper, you'll note the rapid increase in crime, including the shooting deaths of our police officers, social workers, etc. How can we do a better job of protecting these heroes who give the ultimate for us. Seems to me this is just one of the soluctions, but not the only one, to stem the tide of rising violent crime in our area. Let's support the efforts of the PD to protect all of us.

I couldn't agree more rich_pratt....

Who knows, maybe the police need a tank for these "domestic" disputes that get so violent with hostage taking and shootouts. Weren't five cops shot just a while back in Greenland and firefighters killed in NY when they responded to a fire? Being a cop is a very dangerous job and especially now days with practically everyone quick to take offense (or insulted) and wearing a gun, maybe a tank is a good idea.

I do not feel strongly about whether or not the City of Concord should purchase of a SWAT truck or even procure a grant to from DHS to purchase a new SWAT truck. However, it does concern me when the City Manager of Concord tells the DHS that the reason they need a new SWAT truck is because he feels Free Staters threaten the safety of law officers. The quote from his grant, in context is: "New Hampshire's experience with terrorism slants towards the domestic type. We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike however on the domestic front the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters, and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges."

Why the insult Sandy? Are you and your group doing something wrong? Do you have a hidden agenda that the rest of us aren't aware of? I see it as no threat what-so-ever, other than an expensive new piece of modern equipment to fight the drug war and all associated crime.

You can speak for yourself, but not for "the rest of us". If your excuse for the "tank" is so valid, why wasn't that on the application instead? Drug war in Concord? Please. -and yes, Sandy, you don't need any Constitutional Rights if you aren't doing anything jonstah thinks is wrong.

Hey I_love_NH, There is a drug war in Concord, Manchester, Laconia, and all towns around. Go to the window... put the shade up.... and look to the streets. Drugs are to blame for most of the crime that happens in this state. What direction are you going to leap-frog in now?

What crime is it that justifies your "war" that requires tanks for local PDs? Domestic disputes? If the police that requested the tank didn't think enough of your problem to even mention it, what makes you such an expert? The reasoning they did give was troubling. With so many of life's necessities in short supply and govt. spending out of control, there are surely more pressing needs for this kind of money.

For the record, I have never had any connection to the "free staters" or any other political organization but neither do I feel threatened by them. The NH food bank that serves about 143,000 NH residents - mostly seniors, meals on wheels, etc. - lost over $81,000 in funding in the latest budget and have only a 5 day inventory so are asking the public for donations to feed the hungry. 669-9725 or if you can help. Maybe they can do food drives or deliver some meals on wheels in the tank.

Starbucks? Can tell you aren't a native. BOO!

Native or not, why would the Concord Police Chief John Duval and City Manager Thomas Aspell claim they need a new SWAT truck because Free Staters threaten the safety of their law officers?

"BearCat" is an acronym, standing for Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck. Also known as a SWAT tactical assault vehicle. That ought to fix those Free Staters. How incredibly strange!

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