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Letter: Which is the greater crime?

The following is a quiz on the New Hampshire criminal (in)justice system:

Person A lures a victim to the apartment she shares with her boyfriend for the purpose of engaging in S&M sex, during which the boyfriend strangles the victim to death. Person A places a plastic bag over the victim’s head and later assists the boyfriend with disposing the body in a river and gives it the final push under water. Person A then instructs her friends to lie about her involvement and manufactures an alibi for her boyfriend.

Person B lures a victim to a barn so he can be confronted about a financial debt. Outside of Person B’s presence, the victim is killed by other parties and when Person B hears the commotion he tries to stop the attack. Person B has no involvement with the disposal of the body but fails to contact the police. He does, however, come clean when questioned.

Which person has committed the greater crime(s) and should be subjected to greater punishment, Person A or Person B?

If you guessed Person A, you would be wrong. Very wrong, it turns out.

Person A is Kathryn “Kat” MacDonough, who was involved in every stage of the murder of Lizzie Marriot. She was sentenced to a mere 1.5 to three years, which will be served in minimum security.

Person B is Robin Knight, a co-defendant of John Brooks, convicted of murdering Jack Reed and sentenced to life without parole.

Welcome to the bizzaro-world of the New Hampshire criminal (in)justice system, where the term “criminal” describes the system and not just those in it.



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