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Letter: Why does McConnell deserve our respect?

The headline on Grant Bosse’s July 21 Sunday Monitor column said, “In Senate, minority must be respected.” I would ask Bosse: Why should a minority led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, whose only purpose in life was to defeat President Obama, be respected?

To hell with infrastructure, jobs, public sector. Let us forget that post-World War II debt was 121 percent of GNP. Instead, let us Republicans scare the beejesus out of voters over “apocalyptic” debt.

Bosse plays semantics when he calls Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a liar, stating: “Aside from Sen. Rand Paul’s marathon speech on drones earlier this year, the Senate has barely seen any filibusters.” Whether it is technically a filibuster, threatened filibuster or failure to reach cloture, over 400 bills never got a vote.

I must say, I loved Paul’s filibuster. If you are going to throw a wrench into the works, then stand up there like a man (or woman) and make your points! Don’t slither around gumming up the work you were sent to Washington to do. Of course, we have no control over McConnell. But, the voters of Kentucky do, and he is very unpopular in his state. Only a third of Kentucky Republicans approve of the job he’s doing. He is being primaried by the Tea Party. A popular secretary of state, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is running for Senate on the Democratic ticket. I wish her the best of luck.



Legacy Comments2

I guess McConnell's popular with the Tea Party for vowing to make Obama a two-term president.

Bosse wasnt playing semantics when he called Reid a liar. His IS a liar, plain and simple.

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