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Letter: Thanks, PSNH line workers

In my attacks on the Northern Pass and PSNH/Northeast Utilities management in general, I have failed to acknowledge there is another area of PSNH that does not deserve the same treatment: its employees, particularly its line workers. They deserve an entirely different letter of their own.

I want all the line workers who go out in the most severe weather, to work in terrible conditions with electrical power lines (a danger in its own right), to know I am very grateful to them. The workers are doing all PSNH customers an incredible service, and I have nothing but the highest regard for them. I also want them to understand when they pass by a home with “Stop the Northern Pass” signs, that does not reflect on them in any way! As a PSNH customer, I say “thank you.”

PSNH management should think of the safety of its own employees as one of the many reasons to bury the lines of the proposed Northern Pass project.


Sugar Hill

Legacy Comments1

The hard working employees of PSNH are "NOT" the people that continue to try and force the possible Northern Pass project through NH. The thousands of people that are opposed to this project realize this and have no animosity against them. That said those same PSNH employees must also understand that the huge opposition to this possible project will continue to publicly voice its opposition and they should not be criticized for doing so even though NU and PSNH executives continue too and expect their employees to follow suite.

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