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Letter: It’s common sense

I write to voice my support of common-sense gun legislation.

Almost 40 percent of gun transfers happen with no background checks at all. Expanding background checks to include guns sold at gun shows would go a long way toward making background checks universal. This measure does not limit individual gun ownership but would make it harder for certain people to gain access to guns who we all agree should not have them. It would save lives and for that reason alone is worth passing.

Therefore I hope that Sen. Kelly Ayotte will change her mind and support strengthening background check laws.



Legacy Comments2

Katharyn...where did you get the statistic that: "Almost 40 percent of gun transfers happen with no background checks at all." Since no records were kept, how can anyone know how many happen. If you are going to quote stats, at least give a link; otherwise, it is obviously false.

I would hope that sooner rather than later, this "gun show loophole" myth will die. But this lie keeps getting told by the anti crowd. Maybe the writer, and those who think she writes the truth, should do some actual fact checking, rather than parroting the diatribe. Maybe they should start asking why our esteemed ATF doesn't enforce gun dealing laws already on the books. I can keep going with much more, but until the day comes that these dingbats on the left who believe what they get told actually start paying attention there is little point. I'd liken it to talking to a fencepost.

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