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Letter: Happy Tanksgiving

The way “domestic terrorist” gets thrown around these days, I wonder if the term has been redefined and I just didn’t get the memo.

I’m a Free Stater and working mother, and my “domestic terrorism” materializes in the form of charity projects I organize in my spare time. My friends in the Free State Project share my values for community efforts and privately-funded charity, so over the past couple years it’s been really easy to raise thousands of dollars and feed thousands of impoverished residents of Concord, Nashua and Manchester. I hope that, this Thanksgiving, when the big scary Free Staters make the rounds on Loudon Road, handing out turkeys, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and fresh vegetables (as we did in 2011 and 2012) no one calls in the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack vehicle.



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Let me get this straight Tillie. Tom said he would contribute to the Basket Brigade and stated that he was glad she was continuing her father's charity work. For that you accuse him of being a FS, even though he said he was not? And your telling me I did not understand your words? Looks to me that you had no clue what the web site was, and now you are backtracking. Who is arrogant now?

Thank you Amanda. I'm not a Free Stater but this is another reason I support Free Staters like Amanda. Continue your father's ideas of charity, knowing how little you have yourself makes it all that more of a gift to others. It are the valuable people as yourself who make NH better by doing on their own without taking from others. Take heart, you are in good company since it has been appearing more and more that a NH political party/members will associate any FSP member or a supporter in negative terms similar as some have done (still do) to persons of color or a religion... guilty by association. Knowing you I assume your BearCat (cute) remark was "tongue in cheek". I assume again that you are still taking donations at

Hmmm, you are not a Free Stater, yet you mention her father and give the web site for donations. This sounds very much like if it walks like a duck, (you know the rest). I have found that FS's are not above telling lies if they don't want people to know their true agenda. They actually tried to hide their website with their plans on it to take over NH. How about the one in Nashua who pretended to be a Democratic to get elected and now votes 87% with the tea party and FS. So you can do your charity work so you can feel superior but you are not fooling anyone.

The basket brigade gives Thanksgiving meals to families, that was the donation he was talking about and the web site. You owe Tom an apology Tillie.

Don't be ridiculous. The fact he knew the web site was the point. These people are all in cahoots. Do you know what I mean? Maybe I have to use smaller words for some people.

Sorry Tillie, I'm not, never signed the pledge, do not buy into the Libertarianism but have met Free Staters, friends with a lot of them as I am with Republicans. I been a Democrat for 40yrs but I also do not buy into the NH style of Democratic and Republican hate rhetoric that the both hard core party members uses to paint everyone with wide brushes. There are many Free Staters who also use similar rhetoric instead of facts. The fact is Amanda on her own made this happen and people who care about others have help her make it a success. Instead of negativity help her get more support and funding so she can feed people every day such as you suggested.

Congratulations on your "charity" work. Just wish you and your fellow free staters cared a little more about what the "impoverished" people were doing for food the rest of the year now that the Republicans are so intent on cutting food stamps and other programs to help the poor. How about asking your corporate friends to raise the minimum wage so the working poor don't need your charity to live. What an arrogant attitude you have.

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