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Letter: Leave us alone already!

We did not ask but guess some would welcome a phone call of reassurance that there is “nothing wrong with their credit card blab, blab blab. . . .”

We recently received such a call for the third time in a week, along with other annoying and unsolicited calls. Whatever happened to the “Do Not Call” list? Is there somewhere we can reenlist?



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he Do Not Call List worked for me for about 3 months. It seemed they stopped calling for 3 months, Then started calling again. Now I have Caller ID. If I get a call from 1800 or a town I never heard of I pick up the phone and hang it up. I also stopped giving to charities that sold my number. By that I mean, if I give to the Heart Association in NH, and then 3 weeks later I get a call for the heart association in California, I know my number was sold. The heart association does not do that. But many charities do.

I think the problem is these solicitors/scammers are willing to take the chance nobody can figure out who, and from where, these calls are being made. They don't give a damn about the laws (a common theme, huh?)

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