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Letter: BearCat? Just say no!

Mayor Jim Bouley points out that the complaints he is getting about the city’s proposed BearCat come from residents outside Concord. Most people paying for the BearCats are not Concord residents. Do they have the right to complain?

Maybe it would be better if the mayor addressed the issues rather than complain about the sources of good sense.

Please note that it doesn’t bother the mayor that the source of the grant is outside Concord – the people at Homeland (In)Security. Nor do the strings attached bother the mayor.

In an “emergency” Homeland Security can commandeer the BearCats. So the mayor would surrender New Hampshire sovereignty to those wonderfully responsible people in Washington D.C., who pass out these grants like candy.

BearCats are pointed directly at peaceful protest – the grant itself says so: the daily problems caused by Free Staters or Occupy New Hampshire. When freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are under attack in this country, do I have a right to speak up, or should I just sit by as Homeland Security divides and conquers? What about the country we leave to our children and grandchildren?

Homeland Security depends on local suckers like the mayor to achieve its goals of control. We house its weaponry and make it available for use against us, and paid for by us.

We have a problem of third-party effects in this country. A makes a deal with B, which harms C, generally without C realizing. Concord’s BearCat hurts all of America. Just say no to the drugs of power and money.



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