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Letter: The police chief’s bias is showing

The Concord Police Department doesn’t need a $260,000 BearCat. What it does need is some politically neutral leadership.

In the application the police chief revealed the political leanings of the Concord Police Department and his desire to equip his department against those that don’t fit his world view. Two questions come to mind.

Is political profiling any different than racial profiling? And, is it time for a more politically neutral chief of Concord Police Department?



Legacy Comments1

Why Concord does need that unit? Are we in immediate threat of attack by the Boscawen Liberation Army? Will the residents of Havenwood need to be suppressed when they cross Christian Avenue and invade Royal Gardens? Or is $260,000 BearCat a 'trophy' to parade out to impress the peasants and media? Chief, put the Governor's number on speed dial and have her call out the National Guard when things get out of your control.

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