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Letter: What about the rest of the year, Free Staters?

Re “Happy Tanksgiving” (Amanda Bouldin, Monitor letter, Aug. 6):

It is very kind and bountiful of you to give food to the poor on Thanksgiving, but it would be better if you and your fellow Free Staters didn’t advocate cutting government programs that help to feed people the rest of the year. People have to eat and have shelter and health care 365 days a year.

Don’t know how we all up here got along before one-term Gov. Craig Benson decided to invite you all to help us do things better. Reminds me of an old Irish song my father sang about the English coming over to Ireland to try to change who we are. Didn’t work there, and it won’t work here no matter how many outraged Free Staters write letters to editor.



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Excellent letter Patricia! It boggles the mind, the disconnect in their brains between the good they do one day and all the good that is unable to be done because of their selfish political policies and voting records.

This Republican is glad Free Staters Choose New Hampshire. I like their small but effective philosophy. I also like the fact that they drive the liberal loons crazy.

Yes, obviously you believe that NH would be better served by a bunch of outsiders than the native population. It's amazing that we were able to last this long without the oversight of free staters, and you consider outside liberal forces to be bad. Let's be consistent for a change.

Who brought it before the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court doesn't just decide all by itself to declare something unconstitutional. Just like the Repubs brought Obamacare before the Supreme Court. That is how they fight things tooth and nail when they don't have the votes. I am not sure of your age but you should have learned some of this in school. They also tried to get rid of social security. I just find it funny that jvalley points to the NRA getting people to work without even knowing what it was and how hard his party fought against it and still does.

FYI Tillie the NRA was brought down by 4 Jewish brothers who owned a Kosher Butcher Shop In NYC. Look it up. NRA was declared unconstitutional over a case brought to the Supreme Court by these brothers. You are also off the mark in regards to welfare reform by Obama. look that up also and you will see that states do not have the freedom to manage welfare. While your at it, look up FDR on a site that is unbiased. Like many, you are unaware of what actually happened and the good and bad results of his policies,

Do you know anything besides what you can look up on the internet?. Do you know anything because you went to school or college and learned it? The Jewish bothers wanted to sell diseased chickens ard were angry about the government not allowing then to do it. The Republicans in Congress fought FDR on every reform he tried to make just like now. I know these things because I was there some of the time and I studied history. What do you know if you can't look up on the internet?

They did not want to sell diseased chickens. It is their religion the way they kill animals to eat in a humane manner and they check their lungs for TB. The govt would not allow them to select their chickens the way they wanted to. The lawyer said they were also too competitive and kept their prices too low. FRD wanted prices high. You have no idea where I get my info or anything about me. You assume a lot, and have to be corrected a lot.

Common Sense is a virtue of the right...It obviously cant be picked up, learned or absorbed by the left

Who continued to vote for FDR even after they won their case. They were no dummies.

Correct JValley. Clinton Reform worked, it did reduce the unemployment rate for unwed moms and the poverty rate. Dems were outraged at Clinton. President Obama pretty much reversed those reforms. No incentives to get out of poverty. Focus is on making poverty more comfortable, not how to get out of it. That is why we have generational poverty.

Obama did not reverse those reforms. He decided to let the states decide, (states rights, anyone?) As usual the Reps managed to take the words out of context and never admitted their error. Kinda like you didn't build it lie.

He "decided" to let the states decide. Kinda makes one wonder why Clinton didnt just "decide" to.

Obama "decided" because he was asked by so many governors(Repubs and Dems) to let them decide because they knew their state better than the feds and could decide where welfare to work would work the best and where their states needed help. I thought Repubs (like you) didn't like the big bad feds telling them what to do. But you even turned this against Obama.

Reply to Tillie below...Thats what made Welfare Reform of 96 so good. It made the work requirements ironclad and unwaivable because of the potential for abuse. So whats to Obama do? Issue waivers of course.

Government programs should be used only as a safety net for our most vulnerable. SNAP/Ebt, welfare, WIC, etc, where not designed to be a career option for people. I think that those who partake in these government food programs should be required to provide so many hours per week of volunteering, in exchange, unless that person is not capable otherwise. It worked during the great depression, many NH 'features' such as Gunstock, Franklin Falls Dam and others were used to 'employ' people during the depression. Why not expect something back? I'm all for charity to help another, but when people get lazy, it's time to remove the bird feeder!

Hopefully you will always have a full feeder. The NRA was the government program started during the depression by FDR to get people back to work. It was fought constantly by Republicans in congress. Many of the roads and tourist attractions and bridges in NH and across the country were built by the NRA. Obama wanted to spend money to do the same now to save our rotting infrastructure that some hasn't been touched since the 30's but guess what? Fought by the Republicans in congress. Some things never changed. The party of "no" unless it lines their pockets..

"The NRA was the government program started during the depression by FDR to get people back to work"..and was deemed unconstitutional by the SCOTUS. There..fixed it for you.

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