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Letter: A true phony

Sitting safely on his throne in the people’s castle, King Obama has dealt a royal flush to his servants on the other side of the moat, known more commonly as the Washington Beltway. He duped millions of the young, minorities, special interest groups and unions to vote for his promise of prosperity. Sadly many of jobs garnered are now part-time positions as Obamacare’s reality spews forth its suppression of real job growth.

With the uncertainty of Obamacare nuances, businesses are reluctant to hire or expand. Real unemployment is closer to 15 percent. What is most disturbing is the fact that the King has renounced the scandals floating in his protective moat as phony whereas within recent memory he vowed to get to the bottom of these travesties. President Obama should stand before the mirror to view the image of a true phony.



Legacy Comments2

Funny, I'd place more of the blame for the sluggish recovery on the party of No. So would many economists. Budget cuts and sequestration have taken their toll in slowing the recovery. Despite all that, with some indicators, the economy is nearly back to pre-crash/bubble days--despite the best efforts of Republicans to slow recovery. Blaming Obamacare, which will add jobs and cut the deficit in the long run is churlish and petty.

Great letter Brad. They only things that are phony are: The president's word. The IRS investigating itself because it targeted Conservatives/Tea Partiers/freedom and liberity minded people by an overwhelming majority of the time. The State Department Investigating itself on Benghazi and the absolute lie about a protest about a video. The InJustice Department investigating itself about Holder wiretapping a Journalist for political reasons. The whole Obama administration is a complete joke and that isn't phony.

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