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Letter: An embarrassment

Re “From O’Brien, a despicable argument” (Monitor editorial, Aug. 5):

I fail to see how anyone can be surprised by any off-the-wall statements made by Bill O’Brien. Regardless of the fact that the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 has absolutely no relation to Obamacare, we see again that O’Brien will go to any length, no matter how low, to get face time. A law as reprehensible as the Slave Act sounds like something O’Brien would have thought up back in the 1850s.

This individual is already making overtures about running for Congress in the next election. While he was speaker of the New Hampshire House, he embarrassed our state on countless occasions with his idiotic viewpoints, acerbic discourse and management by intimidation style. Now he wants to take his clown car to Washington, where he can sow more seeds of discord. Do they really need that sort of help in Washington? O’Brien should go back to Massachusetts, where they’re accustomed to idiots in politics.



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You can't blame O'Brien, all he is doing is appealing to a certain sector of our populace that is not bothered by something as trivial as common sense and facts.

So let me get this straight . . . when they compared him to Hitler, he belly-ached that it was offensive and over-the-top. Then he compares PPACA to the fugitive slave act of 1850. The mind boggles . . .

Ron, Standard soc/left diatribe - personal attacks instead of proposing solutions for problem. Does this crowd ever talk about issues? Must not have anything substantive to say. As to slavery - I was never a slave owner and you were never a slave. In addition - do you think those then in slavery voted themselves out slavery? The political and physical battles was fought on their behalf by the then majority - white voter/soldiers. Time to get over the past and focus forward. Our culture needs fewer who would keep stirring up old hates instead inspiring the currently living to better lives.

Obamacare...welcome to 1850...

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