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Letter: Elitism from O’Brien

State Rep. Bill O’Brien, a potential candidate for Congress, was subjected to widespread and richly deserved ridicule for his Aug. 1 speech an Americans for Prosperity rally in Concord, where he compared Obamacare to slavery.

O’Brien equated the Affordable Care Act to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. That comparison makes no sense even when you go back and look at the actual history of American slavery.

here is plenty of blame to go around, but for the most part the federal government played a positive role in the long battle to eliminate slavery – notwithstanding the Fugitive Slave Act. It was a small, conservative and wealthy elite in a few southern states who abused “states’ rights” principles to keep the institution of slavery alive for so many years.

Be that as it may, O’Brien followed his bizarre pronouncement about the Fugitive Slave Act with an even stranger (though less shocking) pronouncement about the 17th Amendment.

This amendment was passed in 1913 after decades of bipartisan effort, and it provides for the popular election of U.S. senators. O’Brien claimed that this amendment was part of a nefarious conspiracy by “liberal progressives” and the federal government.

This pronouncement is just one of many statements and actions against the right to vote which have been made by O’Brien and other Tea Party Republicans.

These extremists plan to roll the clock back to at least 1849.

They don’t want anyone aside from a small elite to have any role in governing our republic.



Legacy Comments2

If you want to talk about elitist. Lets talk about Obama forcing the American taxpayer pick up the tab for the Congressional Staffers health care. Why are they any better than we are? Their bosses who forced ObamaKare down our throats are also exempt. Obama and all the losers who didn't read the bill and voted for it should be forced to go on ObamaKare. They are the elitists they think they are better then us.

I wasn't talking about ObamaCare in my letter. I was talking about his opposition to the direct election of US Senators. I admit that this is an esoteric issue, but he is on the wrong side of it. His misguided position speaks volumes about his attitudes towards the small-d democratic process.

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