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Letter: Show your support for Broken Ground purchase

On Monday, the Concord City Council will hold a hearing on the proposed purchase of 271 acres of the Broken Ground Forest. The conservation commission has negotiated a purchase-and-sale agreement with the developers who, seven years ago intended to build 80-plus houses on that land off Portsmouth Street in East Concord. Times and economics changed, and they abandoned that plan. Now, for the third time in perhaps 30 years, the city has the opportunity to prevent development that would seriously and negatively impact this part of town. When the conservation commission first approached the developers to seek to buy the land, the developers wanted more than $4 million. The pricetag now is $1 million, and Concord has the means to close this deal.

Preserving the Broken Ground Forest for recreation, wildlife and maintaining a healthy watershed there is worth the price. But the city councilors need to hear from the residents that they are in favor of this purchase. They will know that when a huge crowd of us appear at Monday’s 7 p.m. hearing ready to testify to our support of conserving Broken Ground Forest. Thirty-seven supporters came out for the March conservation commission meeting to show our desire for this purchase. Can we be even more this time? If you do not wish to speak, your presence will also speak volumes. Hope to see you there.



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I will be there . . . although I'm glad I saw this letter in the paper, otherwise I wouldn't have known about this. I have been a member of "Friends of the Broken Ground" ever since moving to Concord 7 years ago, although I did not receive the phone call that another member claimed I should have received notifying me about this meeting. Please put me back on your "Please DO call" list.

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