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Letter: No threat here

Why does a low-crime city in the safest state in America need a 17,000-pound armored vehicle equipped to fight chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive gas weapons?

Concord has applied for a quarter-million dollar grant from the Department of Homeland Security to buy this monstrosity, describing peaceful citizen groups as “domestic terrorists” in justification. New Hampshire taxpayers will have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more over its lifetime, keeping it in a “climate-controlled garage,” maintaining, training, parading, so that the Concord Police Department can use it at the drop of a hat for (as its application says) “interdiction and disruption.”

The application cites both “Free Staters” and “Occupy New Hampshire” as threats for domestic terrorism. Occupy New Hampshire hasn’t been active for nearly a year. Individuals in the Free State Project sometimes testify at State House hearings. They have gotten a few legislators elected, and they hold rallies and protests now and then (at which no violence has ever occurred). A few have engaged in acts of slightly obnoxious civil disobedience (historically, these kinds of actions are always vilified at first).

If the Concord Police Force believes it needs an armored truck equipped to deal with WMDs to fight people who might yell at or film them, they have bigger problems to contend with than protesters.



Legacy Comments1

Another city heard from. How come the tax paying Citizens of Concord haven't weighed in on this bearcat? Concord is a capital. i If you don't think that might be a problem have you ever wondered why those big cement blocks are in front of the federal courthouse? If there should be a problem here it would be up to the citizens and police of Concord who would be in the most danger to decide.

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