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Letter: Unfair to aging veterans

Re the smoking ban at the New Hampshire Veterans Home:

This is totally wrong. I can understand the home wanting to institute a no-smoking policy, but to deny an eligible veteran care is a slap in the face to all our dedicated men and women who have worn the uniform. When the men and women of this great land raised their right hand to defend this country, they were accepted, whether they smoked or not. There should be no discrimination in receiving their health benefits. They fought to defend many of the rights we have today.

Current residents will be allowed to smoke in a designated area. That policy should continue for any new residents who apply. Let’s be realistic here: Almost all the veterans who enter the Veterans Home are really suffering mentally and physically. Shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy a smoke for whatever time they have left in their lives? For these veterans, it is not about the right or wrong decision to have started smoking. It’s about doing the right thing for the heroes of this country.



(The writer is past commander of American Legion Post 49.)

Legacy Comments1

I very much dislike smoking, but I agree with you, let's treat all our veterans with the respect they deserve. "Everybody" smoked at the time these old soldiers entered the service, some got addicted for life. Let them live their final years in dignity.

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