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Letter: Poor old Mitt

Readers of the Sunday Monitor were treated to the specter of the erstwhile Republican candidate for president risen unbidden from a grave of his own digging to favor us with his doleful belief that “our fears have come true” (Viewpoints, Aug. 11).

Woe is us, indeed! As far as I can tell, nobody asked him for this warmed-over stump speech. He admits to listening to only those economic advisors who funded his campaign and thus perpetuates an image of a rich man who relates only to his own kind. As he lists President Obama’s “failures,” he dances around the fact that “Obamacare” is based on “Romneycare” and that it is his fellow Republicans who are chiefly responsible for the sequester. But his hypocrisy reaches an apex when he laments of “a growing gap between the wealthy and those who are not.” Imagine! A multi-millionaire whose car elevators are crammed with Cadillacs, who defiantly pays only the minimum of taxes, and who has called for tax cuts that will benefit chiefly the wealthy decrying this “growing gap” and seeking to pin the blame for it on the one man who has worked so hard, against fanatical Republican opposition, to try to reverse that trend! Immigration? Global warming? Nary a mention in this distended dissertation.

The sum of his wisdom is that he has learned nothing from his failed candidacy. We can thank the American people for having the foresight to realize that with Romney (as Gertrude Stein said about her native Oakland) “When you get there, there is no there there.”



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Romney is a Great American. Obama going down as the one that made Carter look good

Really? What makes him "great"? The fact he's a 1%er, thanks to leveraging family money and influence? Does loading up companies with debt after selling off their assets and unloading them back to the public count? Or was it his term as governor of Massachusetts and RomneyCare that really did it for you?

that is a proven false statement only intended to smear a great American

sail,,,this (not so) great american was smeared by a great national magazine and is the source of Bruce's info. Check it out at: really ought to spend some time learning about things before you write.

LOL...Rolling stone...and "truth"??? Oxymoron. Next.

Is Obama, the same guy working hard to lessen the gap between rich and poor , flying his dog on its own aircraft to vacation on the Vineyard???

Not quite. Which you'd know if you bothered to fact-check before posting. But that would be a novelty for you.

If Bo (Really..BO???) didnt fly in with the first family, then he flew on his own craft.

RE: "[Bo] flew on his own craft". That's one talented canine. Unsurprisingly, your post distorts the facts, making it seem as if the plane was just for the dog, which is a claim made virtually every time the Obama's travel. I guess it goes with the one about Obama taking more vacations than any other president.

Have you EVER heard of Perhaps you should check out your wild claims before posting totally false claims. I see these easily debunked offerings posted here day after day, when will you of the carpe diem club start researching before you post?

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