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Letter: Shea-Porter should reprioritize

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter seems to blame House Speaker John Boehner and the Tea Party for preventing the passage of legislation this year (“Congress, party of three,” Monitor Forum, Aug. 14). She bemoans the lack of legislation to end the sequestration, fund the government and improve infrastructure, education and the tax code because she deems these to be essential matters.

What if they are not essential? What if climate change is the only issue that truly requires leadership and legislation this year? And what if she and her fellow Democrats are not doing enough to guarantee climate change legislation? Shea-Porter was dealt a set of political cards to work with in Washington, and it is time she found the courage to play those cards with finesse and acumen. Let her imagine what she and her fellow Democrats need to give to Tea Party Republicans in order to garner their support for climate-change legislation. It is called negotiations. In order to solve climate change, everything should be on the table. Everything.


Brookline, Mass.

(The writer is a member of Citizens Climate Lobby.)

Legacy Comments2

I applaud Judy Weiss's efforts to get congress to act on climate change, but I really don't see why she's focused on Rep. Shea-Porter in particular or Democrats in general. Obviously it's the Republicans that are the impediment. About the only reprioritization Republicans would go for is trading Obamacare for Cap&Trade, maybe. ("OK, we'll save your stinkin' planet. Just stop helping those sick poor people, got it?") Here's the plan. I got it from House of Cards. Find 20 Republicans in the House willing to deal on climate change and maybe even generally interested in governing. With an additional 200 votes from Democrats, elect one of the 20 Speaker. Live happily ever after, or at least until the next congress.

What is this woman talking about? Congresswoman Shea Porter is blaming the crazies for inaction on everything in the Congress including climate action. The Congresswoman has worked on climate issues but the leadership has not "played" their cards and she is calling their bluff. As she should. Ms. Weiss your imagination is wildly psychedelic if you expect the Tea Baggers and Boehner to come to the table and act on climate. That is the last thing they want to do. I just can't understand why you are upset by the Congresswoman for the straight talk many admire her for doing.

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