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Letter: Obamacare could have been so much better

State Rep. Phillip Straight was pictured on the front page of the Aug. 2 Monitor holding a sign which read “Obamacare Makes me Sick!!” It should make him sick!

The Affordable Care Act could have been so much better, i.e. allowing Medicare to use its buying power for prescription drugs, making them as inexpensive as VA prescriptions. Instead, the GOP has chosen to vote to repeal Obamacare, in U.S. House, 40 times now! They have had four years to participate in reforming a broken health care system. They tout “repeal and replace.” With what? Even God doesn’t know.

New Hampshire Republicans are so proud we have refused to set up an exchange, while it is reported those states which started implementation early will receive great cost savings. California health insurance rates are expected to go down 30 percent while New York’s may go down a massive 50 percent. In the same article, advocate Zandra Rice-Hawkins said, “We had funding available to the state to do outreach and education. . . .Citizens could learn . . . make real choices. . . . Now we’re hearing a lot of rhetoric instead.”

Are Republicans afraid Granite Staters might find a competitive exchange appealing? Regardless, Granite Staters will be paying for emergency room visits to treat the flu. And those good health care jobs? They’ll be going to California, New York, etc.



Legacy Comments2

Van, I read 1st report on Georgia after 'binging', the exact words were "some individual rates may go up 198%", which I gather does not mean the entire state. Also mentioned in article was federal subsidies not being mentioned by insurance commissioner.

Nice attempt at democrat talking points but we can look up the facts by doing a Google search of Obamacare rate increases and find out the truth. Ohio will cost an average of 41 percent more. Florida cost an average 35 percent more. Georgia rates are potentially skyrocketing up to an eye popping 198% increase all thanks to ObamaKare. New York and California are more the exception than the rule, experts said. Right now the state of California is hemorrhaging jobs because of liberal policies that has the high tax, welfare state on the verge of bankruptcy. To suggest that New Hampshire will be losing jobs to California is just plain ludicrous. Don’t believe me look it up. The Guardians of Ignorance will try to keep this information away from you but it is easily found.

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