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Letter: Actually, there are good reasons to object to ALEC

Reading Grant Bosse’s columns in the Sunday Monitor leads to one unshakable conclusion: Bosse will do his conscientious best to present a comprehensive exposition of the arch-conservative side of whatever topic he is spotlighting. For a balanced, objective consideration of the issues, look elsewhere.

His Aug. 18 piece, “From Washington, 2 flawed attacks on free speech,” is a prime example. Bosse excoriates U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois for sending letters to 300 organizations, asking them to disclose any ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Bosse also refers to “left-wing paranoia” – his words – regarding ALEC.

But Bosse offers no consideration of why anyone – senator, citizen, voter – would find ALEC objectionable. The simple fact is that ALEC, funded largely by extremely wealthy multinational corporations, authors and espouses legislative bills at the state level designed to maximize these corporations’ profits, at the expense of the environment and the overall well-being of the public.

Monitor readers deserve a more balanced and informed treatment of important issues than Bosse appears able, or willing, to offer.



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What scientist wants to be a part of a party that doesn't believe in science. They have museums for children that show humans with dinos, say the world is only 10,000 years old, don't believe in evolution or climate change. They try to subjugate women, won't let them make birth control decisions, don't believe in green technology, they make fun of hybrid or electric cars. I could go on for ever. Even the word conservative means living in the past and not believing in change.

Doctors are really educated people..right? How come of the 20 doctors currently in the US Congress, 17 are Republicans?

When I first started reading Bosse's columns I didn't know what it was about them that bothered me. I read other conservative's columns and mostly I didn't agree with them but they were well written. I know now what is wrong with his, it is like reading one of these comments from Sail or Van, etc. He only writes his opinions without any facts and doesn't explain why he thinks the Liberals would have a problem with any of his opinions. He only sees his point of view and derides any one who doesn't agree with him. I don't know why CM couldn't do better with a conservative point of view from a better writer.

You answered your own question Tillie. You pretty much stated that you disagree with the conservative writers you have read. Guess what that means? It means you disagree with anybody that does not think like you. No matter who the CM hired to write an opposing view, you most likely would not agree with them. You can thank me later for the clarification.

Oh Come on Rabbit, how many liberal columns do you agree with? If you had ever read any of my comments you would realize of course I disagree with conservatives. My point was I read them, I try to understand their thinking. it is not like the commenters on this page who just want to rant. Some conservatives are quite interesting and have some points. Bosse does not, he is a huckster and a lobbyist and definitely not a writer. As Bradley said he does not give any reason why liberals would find ALEC objectionable, just his own point. That is not a columnist it is a right wing blogger. Am I the only one here who is honest enough to say I agree with people who have the same political views as I do?

“Arch-conservative” who still uses that term anyway? This letter is another attempt at silencing conservatives. It took the Monitor a long time to have a non-liberal voice and now they are getting calls to silence that voice? Do we conservatives want the Monitor to get rid of liberal extremist and Obama sycophant, Katy (Mrs.) Burns? Absolutely not, Mrs. Burns’ sycophantic rants in Sunday’s paper add a lot of comic relieve to us informed voters. It is clear that Katy is appealing to the poorly informed unlike Grant who appeals to the knowledgeable and reasonable. So reading this letter on can assume that profits are a bad thing and taking someone’s hard earned money through the distribution of wealth is a bad thing. Boy has America gone downhill if the majority believe that line.

Information for readers - The teacher Unions in California alone spent over $25,000,000 on just ballot measures last year. Total nation wide teachers unions were near $1/2 BILLION in the last state and national elections........ Add in the other unions like the Teamsters and that brings their annual political work into the BILLIONS. Over the last 3 years ALEC with its staff of about 25 people has raised about $7,000,000 a year. For liberals & democrats to be scared of a miniature player like ALEC is laughable but that is how they operate...demonize demonize demonize

As usual, you've missed the point. You're comparing apples and oranges when you bring up the issue of union lobbying vs ALEC's budget. ALEC's primary mission is to craft so-called 'model legislation' for state legislators to take back to their states. ALEC does no direct lobbying. Instead, it 'instructs' legislators in how to craft legislation that supports the rather narrow (to say the least) viewpoints of its member organizations.

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