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Letter: Vaccinations are critical

Those who consider vaccination a purely personal issue and solely a matter of their rights need to look a little deeper. It’s not just all about you.

For example, the virus that causes polio is not gone! The reason we no longer see the polio plagues is because of mass vaccination. If people are no longer vaccinated against polio, the disease returns. We have not magically made the virus disappear and never will.

The same is true for the other diseases for which we commonly give our children vaccinations.

Not having your children vaccinated renders them less able to fight off a disease with a proven track record of killing and maiming children in large numbers. It also renders other unvaccinated children more prone to disease and virus mutation. The public health community has to make tough calls. There are no perfect solutions, but when the stakes go from a few people to millions, tough decisions have to be made. I would encourage those who want to deny vaccination for common illness to also look into past plague histories.



Legacy Comments1

Thomas, On the surface your advice would seem wise. However further investigation would show that mass vaccination is not the answer. I do agree that vaccination is necessary - sometimes. It should be determined by parents which ones are absolutely necessary. "Except for an occasional importation, all cases of paralytic polio since 1979 have been caused by the oral polio vaccine." "two of the CDC's 'go-to guys' have now been caught red-handed lying" "...there is ample evidence that the incidence of diphtheria was already diminishing before a vaccine became available" "When babies die after hep B vaccinations, most of the time their deaths are automatically attributed to SIDS without investigation" google the name "Saba Button"

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