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Letter: Worst president ever

So President Obama is condemning what’s happening in Egypt. The people’s rights are being rolled back, he says. That’s just what he’s been doing to us here: militarized police forces, cameras everywhere, Homeland Security (Gestapo?), and so on.

Egypt receives $1.6 billion a year in U.S. taxpayer money. Why? Now Iraq is begging for our help; I’d say no. What was called “Vietnamization” in Vietnam is still being tried now, just as “winning the hearts and minds” of the people was tried. “Vietnamization” was just training them to fight so the United States could leave. It doesn’t work. They hate us but love our money and equipment.

Corruption is a huge problem; some people become very wealthy in a nation the U.S. wages war in.

What happened in Egypt is technically a coup. It should have triggered a halt to the $1.6 billion in aid to Egypt. If Obama keeps all this up, he may be declared the worst president ever.

He’s weak. There is no transparency. He calls legitimate scandals “phony.” He is trying to roll back our rights and seems to want to disarm the citizens. Who was a worse president than this?


Center Barnstead

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No Obama fan here, but this is how it's been for too long. Worst president? I'll say Jimmy Carter.

RJE49, I would say Obama has rocketed bast Carter as being the worst president ever. You absolutely right that Carter was extremely bad luckily he had only 1 term. Thanks to the low information voters we got a third term of Jimmah Carter.

Anybody ever hear of Ulysses S. Grant? How about James Buchanan? Based on economic statistics and failure to keep our soldiers out of harm's way, a case can be made for G.W. Bush. But of course Dubya isn't a Democrat, which would exempt him according to present company.

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