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Letter: Northern Pass opponents certainly aren’t ‘few’

Re “From the North, a different view on Northern Pass” (Monitor Forum, Aug. 23):

Suddenly there are five letters from North Country Northern Pass supporters in the Concord Monitor on one day. I’ll defend their right to their opinions to my last, and I even understand the economic desire for this project.

What I take strong exception to, however, is Northern Pass and its supporters characterizing the opposition as “a few loud citizens.”

If the opponents are so few, why has Northern Pass had so much trouble procuring a route?

How do you explain the last poll in February where 52 percent of the people questioned in northern New Hampshire oppose this project? Sure, that possibly could have decreased, but in no way to the point where using “few” would be accurate.

And how can Northern Pass possibly be called forthcoming when it announced to the towns at the last possible moment that it intends to use their roads as a conduit? I am getting tired of us being a pawn for other states’ needs. Let them build the dams and the turbines. Let them find their own solution instead of tearing apart our state.

The visual blight in the Millsfield area is bad enough with the new wind turbines; how much more should we accept?

I’m no tree hugger, nor a NIMBY. What I am is someone who loves the beauty of the North Country. It seems shortsighted to risk sacrificing one of your chief long-term income producers, tourism, for one project with no idea of how much of it will even be sourced to your region.



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