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Letter: How to improve baseball

Watching Joe Giradi make a fool of himself on TV when A-Rod was hit by a pitch recently reminded me that Joba Chamberlin’s primary reason for existence was to throw beanballs at Kevin Youkilis when Youkilis played for the Red Sox. Chamberlin didn’t need a reason – he just enjoyed doing it!

If batters started to sling their bats at pitchers after pitchers throw at them, that might cut down the practice. Grown men are apt to do childish things when they play a child’s game for ridiculous salaries. It would also be easy to make time to use a replay system to settle many disputes if the rules already in place were followed.

There is no need to allow batters time to play with their batting gloves and adjust their padding between every pitch and then walk around the batters box three times for luck. There is no need to provide time for five commercials at the end of every half inning or when any other change is made in the progress of a game. No need for pitchers to step on and off the mound endlessly. No need to allow so many mound conferences when it’s obvious time is being gained to allow another pitcher to get warmed up. So much could be done!



Legacy Comments2

Fred, in his quest to "improve" baseball, complains about a lot of things in his letter. Too bad Fred did not focus on the only thing that really counted in his letter - the "ridiculous salaries" that ballplayers get to play a "child's game." Salaries that are a direct reflection of out-of-control player and owner greed and fan stupidity that makes taking a family to a game of major league baseball only affordable if John Q Public takes out a second mortgage on his home. There is not much we can do about the first two culprits - greedy owners and players - but we sure as heck can do something about the last culprit - y0u, the fans. That same fan that will buy the over-priced team gear, the products hawked on NESN, and yes, breaking your bank to take in a game at Fenway Park. Until you realize there are better ways to spend your time and money, don't act like Fred and simply complain. Because nothing will change for the better in major league baseball until you, the fan, stops acting like a sucker.

Great letter! Especially the first paragraph!

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