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Letter: Watch those apostrophes!

It is time to speak up for the lowly apostrophe, so often abused in advertisements appearing in the Concord Monitor. I wish the Monitor would proofread the ad copy. I wish someone would.

The abuse began in those full-page ads for automobile dealerships, where you find such lines as “25 Corolla’s available.” I held my peace, assuming that no one expects good grammar of an auto dealer. But lately an ad appeared for a prominent Boscawen restaurant that should have known better, offering “$5 pizza’s.”

This was too much. Recall the words of Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady: “There even are places where English completely disappears. In America they haven’t spoken it for years.”

Apostrophes indicate possession: “The pizza’s toppings.” They indicate contraction: “The pizza’s delicious tonight.” It is sheer illiteracy to stick one into every plural noun that comes along. Simply say “25 Corollas,” and “$5 pizzas.” Period.



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