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Letter: What would King do today?

The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech was not just a time to reminisce. If King were alive, what moral issues would he address?

He would challenge the “Stand Your Ground” law that led to the acquittal of George Zimmerman following his shooting of Trayvon Martin. Homicide rates have risen close to 10 percent in states with stand-your-ground laws.

King would condemn voting restrictions that target minority voters, students, elderly, poor. The Supreme Court recently struck down a key provision in the 1965 Voting Rights Act. No longer are states required to seek federal approval before changing election practices. Some have already passed new restrictions.

He would focus on economic injustice: an increasing concentration of wealth, a shrinking middle class, a frozen minimum wage that does not keep pace. A top executive in a corporation used to make maybe 40 times what the little guy made. Now, some CEOs make 400 times as much – corporate greed gone amuck! McDonald’s says it can’t afford to raise wages. Last year, the McDonald’s CEO made $13 million.

King would address the increasing gun violence in our nation. In guns per population we are second only to Yemen. Yikes! We’ve lost more than 7,500 Americans to gun violence just since the Newtown shootings – more Americans than we lost in the Iraq war. Some of our elected officials are more beholden to the gun lobby than to what most Americans want.

Without losing the Second Amendment right to bear arms, we could require background checks, make gun trafficking a federal crime and ban assault weapons. It’s absurd for ordinary citizens to have as much or more fire power than our police have. It’s not fair to the police.



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When was the last time that the police could not stand up to the firepower of individuals in New Hampshire? I am hearing crickets. If someone does not like a company like McDonald's because their leadership (CEO) makes too much, don't trade with them. There are several places here in NH which I will not trade with including a chain of restaurants / diners, a yogurt / dairy company, etc. because of the politics of the owners / CEO / President. Many people do the same. You can do that with McDonald's or Taco Bell or Burger King or Wendy's if you feel as if they are not paying their employees enough. If enough people felt that way, things would change to what you favor. However, in a free enterprise system, in a Constitutional Republic we ought not be passing laws regulating free commerce. People pay what the market will bear......period. Is a CEO worth 400 times what a person dropping a basket of french fries makes? It depends how you look at it. A CEO has the responsibility for billions of dollars and the french fry cook about $20 per case of french fries. You do the math!

Oh definitely. If Dr King was alive today I am sure he would be a tea party Republican making sure all those minorities had the proper id and not too many extra hours to vote.

Curious to find out how Mr. Haynes knows what moral issues Dr. King would address today. Seems a little presumptuous to me. I'd guess Dr. King would NOT associate stand your ground laws with the Zimmerman case - especially since the stand your ground law played no role in his defense. And I don't know if Dr. King would just regurgitate Democrat talking points as Mr. Haynes did.

Correct, Dr. King never preached dependency or special treatment or a handout. King preached self esteem, self reliance, character, determination........and more principles that progressives have left along the roadside for decades.

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