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Letter: Disturbing attack

I was disturbed by the personal attack on the integrity of Chief John Duval (and by implication, the Concord Police Department) in the reprehensible letter from the writer in Moultonboro (“Irrational fear from Duval,” Monitor letter, Aug. 28).

As a state and federal prosecutor, I had the opportunity to do many cases with the Concord Police Department. I can say without hesitation that it has some of the best detectives and finest officers I have worked with in my more than 30 years in law enforcement. These officers know the law and, more important, understand what the rights of every person guaranteed by the Constitution mean. I never encountered any abuse of authority, any disrespect for the rights of any citizen, victim or accused, by the Concord police.

Can the writer point to any examples to support his vitriolic claims? Perhaps the department’s laudable outreach and sensitive interaction with our many new refugee and immigrant neighbors in Concord is evidence of the department’s totalitarian attitude?

Equating Duval, a highly respected, dedicated public servant, to the Gestapo, is the kind of shameful, libelous hysteria that undermines what may be legitimate arguments of those good citizens who oppose the acquisition of the BearCat rescue vehicle. Such ad hominem attacks are unworthy of civil public debate.

The good citizens of Concord should be proud of and support their police department and the chief. It is a dedicated, disciplined, professional organization that truly serves and protects all of us.



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I talked with a few police officers off the record and they would have preferred better finger print technology and security vests, stuff that would get used everyday versus a vehicle which may never get used. Now I am fearful the Concord PD will trot this tank out for a crime which may not warrant it just to justify getting it. What happens if a rogue cop gets ahold of it like they in Los Angeles. You don't want to talk about that do you Duvall?

"I was disturbed by the personal attack on the integrity of Chief John Duval (and by implication, the Concord Police Department) in the reprehensible letter from the writer in Moultonboro (“Irrational fear from Duval,” Monitor letter, Aug. 28)." The rest of us were disturbed by the personal attacks on the people of New Hampshire. "As a state and federal prosecutor..." You should know that falsifying a grant application is a crime. One that you would probably have prosecuted a mere plebe for but since you're buddy buddy with the Chief it's he gets off with a do over. "These officers know the law" So then they knew it was crime for the chief to have knowingly lied on that application right? When are they going to arrest him? "I never encountered any abuse of authority any disrespect for the rights of any citizen, victim or accused, by the Concord police." You're either blind or willfully ignorant. Or lying. "It is a dedicated, disciplined, professional organization that truly serves and protects all of us." Since it is clear that the majority of the population do not want a Bearcat (by at least a 5 to 1 margin), an organization that truly served the people would withdraw the application instead of trying to shove an apc down the throats of it's citizens whether they want it or not.

Itsa, I have never heard someone liken themselves to Cain, the first murderer. Many people are rich, well off, worked their way up the ladder, but they can also emphasize with others. People like you and I will never understand each other so let us just finish this.

Sorry tillie but I am not wealthy. I have empathy but not sympathy for those who now complain because they made the wrong decisions in life. If a person decided not to apply themselves, are not motivated and take a 40 hour job, drink alcohol to excess and smokes, etc wakes up one day and says "life is not fair", I don't have sympathy for them. Life is about "choices" and we all make good and bad ones. If you consistently make poor choices, your fate is what it is. I should not nor should you be responsible for their unhappiness or chagrin. We can empathize, sure but it is not our responsibility to make them whole and happy. We need to help people who help themselves.

The Bearcat is not a "rescue" vehicle, that would be an ambulance or fire truck. The fact that Duval used the Free Staters and another group to justify the Bearcat shows both inappropriate political judgment and a "statist" attitude. There ARE good police officers, detectives, etc, everywhere in every department but most folks don't like the 'attitude' of some. Duval appears to be one of those.

To me, it ain't the chief, it is city hall. I personally think the people responsible got snookered by some lobbyist out of K St in DC. City Hall got sold something the city just doesn't need, and then the arms industry salesmen gave city hall a grant application to sign that looks to be fraudulent. I really do feel sorry for the people who signed that anti-American trash, but they really should have thought more about what they were signing. People who think it was just "poor wording" seem afraid to look at the cold hard reality. The grant application called peaceful NH political groups "domestic terrorists," which looks libelous to me. ___ I've attended events put on by both the groups cited, so Concord has called me a terrorist. While I am politically immune enough to take that with a grain of salt, others do not. Some are scared, all are outraged. It is one thing when partisans sling slander at one another, quite another when Government does. ___ Do the right thing Concord. Don't let elected officials fraudulently abuse a grant program. Show America that Concord New Hampshire refused to be part of the problem. They are watching

Off topic but important. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance has only made arrangements with half of the hospitals in NH to accept their insurance. They decided to limit their network of insurance coverage. This means many folks will have to travel further to see a Doc and get to a hospital. Concord Hospital is one of the ones that will not be one you can use if you have Anthem. Not good.

While I find personal attacks, and the use of ad-hom, to be deplorable, I also find this letter to be deplorable, as well. First, The DHS Counter Attack Truck is NOT a "Rescue Vehicle". It is an armored box with a turret that mounts multiple weapons systems. In the words of a military man who signed the petition, "It's a tank" Sugarcoating this "Attack Truck" seems dishonest to me. Secondly, I'm surprised that a "federal prosecutor" wouldn't have more to say on the issue of the grant application where City Hall _made up threats_ to justify getting the money. I ask readers to consider what they think would happen to them if they _made things up_ to get our money. As far as I know, submitting false info on a federal grant application is a crime under 18 USC § 1001. Shameful

i am surprised at your not knowing that. It is not a common name. I find most of his beliefs and his superior attitude toward people who have less than him repugnant. And i think his comment is disrespectful to law enforcement. But other than that I am sure he is a great guy to his family.

Well, so far you have mentioned that I am a legislator and that I worked for my dad's landscape business. Many people have much more than I do, by the way. I am middle-middle class but I did earn everything I have and worked very hard for it. On your last note, I AM a great family guy.....thanks! But honestly, stop trying to figure out who I am because I am neither a legislator or son of a rich man.

I wonder who Tillie will out me as. I will save her the time, I Am Jessica Rabbit!

If you are not Dan Itsa, I apologize for my mistake. You could be a clone. I assumed you were middle class (upper) from your attitude. Definitely not a working poor lower class. No matter who you are, I still feel your comment about Chief Duval was disrespectful.

So now you are assuming that folks who disagree with you Tillie are upper middle class? I would assume that thinking comes from the idea that just wealthy folks are Reps right? As far as Duval goes, when you classify certain groups the way he did, in order to gain an assault tank, you do not make yourself look too good.

tille, with all due respect, please read my post of last week where I told about going to work at 14 years old, working 60 hours per week the rest of my life. No, I was not dirt poor but I was middle-middle class and we did not have much growing is not about being "uppity" it is about the fact that I am not my brothers keeper. I stand on my own, I expect others to make better decisions and choices and take responsibility for themselves.

The Manchester John Duval was a hard working high school student who had a promising career in fast food. When in Concord, shaking hands with Chief of Police John Duval is the same as that ambitious busboy that I hired during a bunch of early 1980s technology. He knows his job description.

To tillie and all, I stand by my statement that any public official, especially a police chief who would justify the purchase of an armored vehicle, showing fear of the Free Staters, would, in fact, be a "Tin Horn Police Chief".

Why? You owe us an explanation of why you think that position is justified. And does your opprobrium also apply to a public official who indicates a distrust of sovereign citizens, who have murdered several police officers around the country? If so, please explain why.

Not to forget a NH State Rep. who called Chief Duval a "tin horned police chief." Real class there.

Link please??? democrat or republican?? How about just a name??

Itsa, right on this Monitor comment site. Just look back. Oh yeah, he definitely is one of yours.

Really....Itsa is a State Rep? What district does he represent?

Written Aug.31st in answer to "Vitriol doesn't help the BearCat debate, by ItsaRepublic. Glad I could help.

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