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Letter: We need a collective approach

For having read the editorial “Awaiting a climate change tipping point,” (Monitor, Aug. 21), I have thankfully come to feel less alone with respect to the many thoughts I have about climate change. As the editorial points out, competent scientists the world over agree that not only is global warming real, but that, should something not be done about it, the world’s environment will worsen in an exponential way.

It is said that over the course of the next half-century, for instance, Boston may actually find itself under water. As incredible as this may seem, its truth should not escape the attention of anyone who takes this issue seriously.

I have for several years now chosen to opt out of driving or owning a motor vehicle. When not needed, I turn my lights off, run cold instead of hot water, and make use of a recyclable bin. Yet this seems almost silly in its admittedly utopian approach.

In 2011 I wrote a letter to the editor that likewise addressed this issue. And yet in all this time nothing seems to have changed, in which case should I then give up on what efforts I make to make a difference?

My sense of this is that, as the editorial points out also, a collective attempt on the part of us all is the only real way to actively affect the horrors of what may come about. May the Lord bless us in our endeavor therein.



Legacy Comments1 I see it, only our politicians can set a new course for CO2 reduction. They are bound up in petty disagreements, so they won't take definitive action until something far more drastic happens-like Washington be underwater. It is about the same height as Boston, relative to sea level. But, so is New York City, Charleston, Miami and lots of other US cities. Here around Concord, we are about 200 feet above sea level. Hmmm... sea level is rising several inches each decade, I wonder what is now used to measure 'sea level'??

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