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Letter: On Syria, least lethal action is best

President Obama has the chance to distinguish his actions from past presidents who were keen to rush us to war and often on false pretexts. He also has an opportunity to show what kind of a person he is. The president has three options in Syria: avoid military action and step up diplomacy by directing world attention to Russian President Vladimir Putin who has abetted a dictator guilty of slaughtering children; conduct a directed strike that will eliminate some of the bad guys; or more indiscriminately bomb a number of more general targets and risk killing innocent civilians including children, while the ruling thugs remain safe in their bunkers.

We should all take this opportunity to contact our federal representatives and ask that they counsel the least lethal action. Let us keep in mind that this Syrian situation is very complicated with civil wars breaking out within larger civil war.



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Hollywood was in hysterics for years with war in the mideast when GWB was in office. We heard GWB was guilty of all sin on earth and probably created cancer. Now the resident wants to put our military (and our wallets) at risk when virtually everybody (including his beloved UN) say don't. Both sides in Syria admit -it would not make a difference. Now what do we hear our of the soc/left Hollywood - crickets. Only crickets.

QUOTE "step up diplomacy"...... Hillary set the all time record for globetrotting foreign Policy - Hillary and the stepped up diplomacy has us at the brink of war

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