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Letter: Throwing away federal money

After the commotion caused by the Concord police as they attempted to push through the vote on the BearCat at last month’s city council meeting, it was difficult not to follow the story. Concord resident Christopher Booth was quoted in an article (“School board won’t weigh in on BearCat, Monitor front page, Aug. 29) asking for students to speak out about this issue.

As a member of Concord High Class of 2012 I felt it was my duty as a former student to weigh in on this. What has happened to the conservative state I grew up in? We have a governor under whose watch the two-year state budget has grown by $800 million. We have a mayor who overstepped his boundaries when representing himself instead of the city council in asking for the school board to compose a letter in favor of the BearCat. We have a police chief who will say anything just to spend federal money. Every time I turn around in Concord there’s a police officer either in a new cruiser, on a bike, or on a Segway.

I’ve lived in Concord for around 14 years and the only time I have ever seen the vehicle they’re replacing is when it’s parked, like always, at the station. The fact that we are considering throwing away federal money like this in our nation’s current condition is appalling. I hope the people of Concord will stand together and reject this proposition.



Legacy Comments1

Well said Aiden, now do some more homework! The real reason the White House thinks every police department needs a bearcat and machine guns and lots of bullets and riot gear and military tactics is because of the "posse comitatus act" of 1878 (amended 1981) which clearly states that the US military cannot be engaged on US soil. So...we need a totally militarized civilian police force under the direction of HomeLand Security so that when the president thinks we need martial law he can do it without violating the constitution. What happened in Boston, in terms of a police lock-down of the city, was only a warm-up for martial law, they just didn't declare it when they tossed 4th ammendment out the window.

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