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Letter: In bed with Northern Pass

Re “Visual impact of towers here still unclear” (Sunday Monitor editorial, Sept. 8):

Once again, the Monitor shows it bias toward its friends at Northern Pass, despite the fact that the city itself opposes the project. The city manager wrote a letter to the Department of Energy expressing the city’s concerns over the impact of this project and stating its preference for burying the lines. Of course, the Concord Monitor accepts the $100 million figure for burying 6 miles of line as gospel with no investigation of its own. This despite the fact that all of our neighboring states have utility corridors running along major highways, generating revenue for the states with minimal impact on communities. Speaking of revenue, I’d sure like some information on the $629,000 revenue figure that the Monitor reports – again with no verification. According to Mayor Jim Bouley, the city is not anticipating any revenue from Northern Pass. Rather than standing up for the people of this city, the Monitor’s subscribers, the paper is in bed with its advertiser. This is the height of hypocrisy, considering its past opinions of big business. Interesting how the Monitor acknowledges loss of tax revenue but expresses no concern whatsoever for the people whose property values will decline.



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They aren't even buying us off, cheap or otherwise. The City is not anticipating, according to the Mayor, any revenue from Northern Pass. They are using existing rights of way, already overburdened, not creating new ones that would generate revenue. I have no idea where the Monitor got their $629K number that they bandy about. I'd guess it's the amount PSNH currently pays.

I'm skeptical too. In today's paper, the Mayor said proposed route maps show power lines near residents' backyards and "practically on their porch." Don't fall for the half truths of the full page ads as the chump change they propose to give us for permission to trash NH with their latest get rich quick at our expense scheme will soon depreciate and be gone but the legacy of destruction and reduced property values will live on. Who believes that we won't be the ones who ends up paying for everything - and more. It happened last time they had a plan like this. How much of that 1200MW of power is left to power those homes in Southwest CT after the losses from traveling such a long and convoluted route? They will need to scale down that estimate. NH homes wouldn't be powered because we already generate twice as much power as we use. NH is already a net exporter of power and already plays host to an existing HVDC line from Canada that goes directly to Massachusetts. We can't be asked to carry so much of the load for New England without having the right to mandate that all future lines be underground like others in our region. Go to Quebec and see what these huge towers and lines look like. They criss cross all over the place. It's really awful and what it will look like here with all the future lines planned for our state. They NEED to sell us this power. They'll bury it if that's the only option - like another line currently being built. They are just trying to get off easy by trying to buy us off on the cheap. They don't care about your property value, they care about the $$$ they will get if they can fool us into settling for huge towers and overhead lines. Learn the real story. Demand underground.

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