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Letter: Obama’s choice

It is so sad to see a president with such great potential to help fix America’s manufacturing industry derail himself with the idea that we can make a quick punitive strike on Syria and not get the United States sucked into the vortex of a civil war based on deep regional divides.

Even Republicans were getting behind him on manufacturing, and now all have lost the focus on U.S. jobs with this hot-button issue. It looks like a set-up to me. Such a shame, and such a blow to underemployed American workers so tired and in such need of good jobs.

I see a fork in the road: On one path, Congress will vote “no,” a strike will still be ordered, the vortex will pull us in, and then there will be a call for impeachment and even less will get done as our economy gets flushed down the toilet.

On the other path, the president acknowledges that the world does not support his views and so he says, “Fine, have it your way. I am going to focus on making the United States the most awesome design and manufacturing nation on earth, where we will invent and make the energy machines to free the world from dependence on Middle East oil.”



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OMG-Obama has done absolutely nothing to improve jobs. If you count people who have dropped out of the job market since the worst president ever (Obama) took office the unemployment rate would be ~11% that is horrible. to make it worse Obama jobs are usually low paying and part time jobs. ObamaKare is an example of Obama's job killing measure. When are the Obama Zombies going to hold Obama accountable for his horrific performance as president?

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