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Letter: Time for a recall vote

I think it’s time to follow the example set by the sane and reasonable people of Colorado and demand a recall of vote of the Concord city councilors who voted for the BearCat military vehicle.

We have never needed one of those things and probably never will. Even if we did need one, the state police can certainly lend us one. It is obvious to those of us following this debacle that our elected officials are no longer listening to the voters once they are in office.

We need to get their attention by booting them out to the curb and repealing that vote. Count me in!



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Does it come with a .50 cal. MG installed also? The police really need something like that.

I agree wholeheartedly with this letter. The gross failure of the Concord City Council to heed the wishes of their constituency should not go unnoticed or unpunished. A recall election, in this case, seems entirely appropriate. I don't reside in Concord but I do most of my shopping there. I should say that I "did" most of my shopping there. The militarization of the Police Dept. and the unwillingness of elected officials to represent the voters, has shown me that I need to take my business elsewhere. In particular, Councilman Shurtleff has shown an utter disdain for the rights of NH Citizens. In addition to the Bearcat debacle he has sponsored a bill in the Legislature to repeal our "Stand Your Ground" law and has recently introduced legislation to provide for the use of license plate scanners on NH police vehicles. In short, he seeks to make you vulnerable, destroy your privacy and militarize your police force. Time for him to go.

Except that the elitist ideologues of Concord would fight that tooth and nail. Yes, the councilors are egotistical and no matter what they are going to do what meets their partisan beliefs. That is the issue with government today. Politicians have no common sense, only agenda. Once again, no apology from the "tin horn" police chief matters. He meant what he wrote on the application, that is his attitude and how he really feels. It speaks volumes about the attitude of the law enforcement community in Concord.

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