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Letter: Neglectful, incompetent handling of foreign affairs

The mass murder of innocent men, women and children was a horrific crime – 1,089 people butchered in the streets of Cairo by the Egyptian military and police, destroying Egypt’s democracy with hardly a word of protest coming from President Obama.

Obama seemed more upset that his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and golf outing was interrupted by these events than about the massacres taking place in Egypt. The New York Times which justifiably called for the suspension of U.S. military aid to Egypt criticized Obama’s “muted chastising of the generals” saying his “indecisive reaction to the slaughter does not inspire confidence.” That’s an understatement.

Obama’s neglectful and incompetent handling of foreign affairs helped precipitate the crisis in Egypt and emboldened Bashar al-Assad to use poison gas against his own people in Syria. In a Cairo mosque civilians gasped for a last breath, their life’s blood spilling out of them like a flood onto the floor from gunshot wounds, but Obama and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen refuse to characterize the actions of the Egyptian military as a coup.

Shaheen, according to her aide Will Scheffer, is cravenly waiting for a determination from “White House lawyers” before she’ll be able to reach such a conclusion. That’s despicable.

Senator Shaheen, you’ll never possess the integrity and courage of the people shot down in Cairo. It was a coup d’ etat. Both Obama and you need to follow American law and suspend military aid to General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s junta immediately.



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Many many more derogative adjectives have been attributed to the failed foreign policy of Hillary Clinton over the past 4+ years...and Kerry is worse. Obama does not know twit about anything other than running a perpetual campaign

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