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Letter: Wanted: better sex-ed classes for high school students

I am enrolled at Saint Michael’s College and am astounded at the number of young individuals I see every day that struggle with issues of self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong – St. Mike’s is the best place on earth besides my hometown on the lake and it has been the place where countless beautiful memories have been created by students. But it is shocking to me that such outgoing and intellectual students suffer with body image issues on the inside when externally they appear to have it all together.

It is the duty of high schools to provide adequate sex-education classes that tap into the emotional aspect of what it means for an individual to love him- or herself. Taking a half-semester health class that covers only basic bodily functions simply does not properly educate young students on the threat of emotional vulnerability that could occur later in a college or even professional setting.

I was lucky. In my high school, the one day in health class that was dedicated to sex education was the day that my teacher was willing to totally let her guard down and talk about the importance of whole acceptance – of ourselves and our significant others – in relationships. I thank her for being so open and honest. It is my sincerest hope that one day she will have the opportunity to teach extensive sex education to kids who deserve to learn such significant and self-building values.



Legacy Comments2

This is a parental responsibility!! It is not the governments responsibility to teach sex education; why do we turn to the government for rearing our children? We see what a great job they have done in other issues..... I applaud you for your keen observation and wanting to help, but the cradle to grave concept of nanny-based governance will never be fruitful for our country. We need a country of independent thinkers, not cookie cutter students repeating the mantra of whatever political party is in office.

Most of us don't want government raising our kids but some arrogant progressives feel that it is necessary. In fact, it is more than coincidence, if you could read their minds you would find out that they want things like this so that our children will be programmed to think as progressives do.

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