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Letter: Injustice

Kelly and Jacqueline Brochu recently requested a zoning variance so that each year they could raise two pigs from May through September for food. With seasonal work, the winter season is difficult. Following the “New Hampshire Way,” they decided to show some true grit and prepare in advance by raising what they need. Not for profit, but for survival for years to come. They chose not to sit on their hands and collect welfare but to follow the spirit and drive of those early Americans we read of in history books.

I find it difficult to believe that the Concord zoning board, which received an abundance of evidence and community support in favor, voted against the variance based on the minority who are more consumed with enjoying time in their pool than recognizing the determination of those who fend for survival. Talk about community!

All too often we criticize those on welfare. We assume they must all be talking advantage, and some are. This is about hard work and finding a way to survive. I ask the board: When the person most affected by this poor decision responds in an impassioned rebuttal, why do members laugh about “pushing panic buttons” and “being tased”? This is not a joke. Did you forget you were being videotaped? You just took food out of a family’s mouth with a decision that you said yourself you weren’t qualified to make. Kudos!



Legacy Comments1

I don’t know anything about the Brochus’ pigs, but I do know that their outburst at the zoning board meeting was just NOT kosher.

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