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Letter: This is not the USSR

I see that city and state employees union members are now writing letters to the editor in force in a desperate ploy to create the image that there are actually people in Concord who support the BearCat militarization of civilian police departments in New Hampshire.

This is America, not the USSR, not Red China, and not Nazi Germany or Northern Ireland or Iraq.

Your city government’s public servants consider you to be a “domestic terrorist” if you have the temerity to stand up for your opinions in the public square, if you try to exercise your rights. They do not protect your rights; only you can protect your rights. They have no interest in your rights; your rights are obstacles to them accruing more and more power over you.

When your public servants claim to need armored personnel carriers to deal with you on a daily basis, it is because they fear your disapproval, and think they can con you into surrendering your liberty to them, and that they can instill fear in you against exercising your rights hereafter with the threat of being declared a “domestic terrorist” so that they can silence your opinions by silencing you.

When we were petitioning people around Concord, nine out of 10 people we asked agreed with us. The rest refused to sign, many out of fear for their jobs because they are state or city employees. The letter writer who tries to claim that 1,500 signatures on our petition was “nothing” is wrong. This petition is the largest number of signatures ever submitted to the city council.

The fact that they would ignore this huge message from the public demonstrates what they think of you, the voters of Concord.



Legacy Comments1

deficit democrats have controlled Concord for a long time.....come to think of it Detroit has not elected a Responsible Republican since 1958 - how did that work out for them?

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