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Letter: Eliminate the middleman

Contrary to the Sunday Monitor’s assertion (“Obamacare is a work in progress,” editorial, Sept. 15), there is “a system with low costs, high quality, and convenient and rapid access to care.”

Take a look at Lasik eye surgery. Quality has steadily improved; price has steadily come down. There are many, many good surgeons who will do the job quickly and accurately. Same thing with cosmetic surgery and even abortions. Look at veterinary medicine. It is now routine for pets to get the kind of medical care that used to be available only to the richest people for their pets. A friend recently took his dog in for ACL surgery. The bill was about $780. All of these medical practices offer “low costs, high quality, and convenient and rapid access to care.”

What is the common denominator? No middleman between doctor and patient – no insurance company and minimal government involvement. Dr. Brian Forrest was one of the early adopters of Direct Primary Care (DPC). He declined to take insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. By eliminating the middleman he reduced overhead and was able to lower his prices by as much as 85 percent – and deliver much better results. More and more physicians are adopting the DPC model. Qliance is one of the larger such practices with more than 7,000 patients. One of its business clients was able to provide its employees better health care at a 20 percent savings in cost.



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